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Over old hills   By Artist: Summoning
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Summoning - Dol guldur - Over old hills - Free MP3 Ringtone

Walton2008-01-18 23:03:51
I think it´s wrong to say that america has ruined the genre. That a band like von who´s american what a huge insperation they have been for the primitive bm style here in scandinavia.. Though I think von is also the only great bm band from america..
Porter2008-03-17 14:40:05
its not just america, its pioneers of the genre like fenriz or satyr that have gotten away from the roots of bm.
Fenton2008-03-25 12:35:20
yeah and those bands are huge, arent they? piss off george fisher loving faggot. and when did i say dimmu and CoF was american. i said america has ruined them. and pussies like you still buy their dumbed down version of black metal.
Julie2008-05-27 22:45:22
to be fair, they ruined themselves. striving for commercial gain and wider audiences. COF and Dimmu have always been shit in my opinion.listen to VON, Black Funeral, Averse Sefira, Demoncy, or Absu to get a taste of real US black metal. those bands' contributions to the genre cannot be overlooked.
Skylar2008-07-05 08:57:57
Ur a dumbass. First off dimmu borgir is from norway, and cradle of filth is from england. America has spawned black metal bands such as Wolves in the throne room, Xasthur, Levianthian, etc. u dont know shit. SUmmoning is epic win
Jon2008-07-28 12:03:32
its a shame that bands like cradle of filth and dimmu borgir have made a bunch of idiots think that they are black metal. america has ruined the entire genre.
William2008-10-20 19:33:02
it makes so mad!! that bands like these r underated in the world black will live on in our hearts ~~~~post this on every vid and advertise for summoning~~~
Holden2008-10-30 11:35:02
dimmu was black metal in stormblast, for all tid and enthrone darkness. after that they turned into shit.
Kelsi2008-11-01 11:06:27
yup! dityrottencromag is right! those bands ruined themselves. And about america- american popculture turn people's brain into water, and the biggest diller of this shit is MTV!!! I'm so fuckin happy that bands like summoning dont chase after money. Money can ruin everething!Hail to all true metal fans. Respect
Amy2008-11-13 13:40:47
well dimmu is black metal or at least it was in their older albums ;-)
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