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The main event amsterdam version   By Artist: Keith murray
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Keith murray - The main event vinyl - The main event amsterdam version - Free MP3 Ringtone

Charlene2008-01-16 08:17:08
this track is HARD
Jonah2008-01-26 23:59:44
if you're asking where real hip hop went - its here - epmd - the main event...this is my ish right here
Kacie2008-01-31 13:21:52
deHOP, where can you buy the t-shirts of the HOP?
Athena2008-02-18 17:27:29
dope shit! can nobody fuck with epmd, keith and dutchmaster knowhow! greetz from 058
Harley2008-04-16 08:45:30
can't wait for them to drop the new record
Marc2008-06-07 07:13:26
ok. brilliant. Love EPMD but dj knowhow picked a track that sounds too close to Jay-z's "show em what ya got".. other than that, hip hop is loved far more in Europe. shame. lookin forward to "WE MEAN BUSINESS" the new album.
Lucia2008-06-25 12:28:28
this beat is so illll i'm also a dutch producer. listen my beats too
Saige2008-09-08 21:48:22
OH MY GOD! That's hip hop! Classic shit!
Jezebel2008-09-25 06:09:04
Is this going to come out on a CD.
Brooke2008-10-28 14:58:50
true Hip HopEPMD LEGENDS!!!!!!!!
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