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Coinsequences   By Artist: Public enemy
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Public enemy - Rebirth of a nation - Coinsequences - Free MP3 Ringtone

Gayle2008-01-10 08:47:55
fluoride is toxic waste in our water which has been stored by corporations since the 60's and taken by illuminum factory smoke stakes. nothing natural as the dentist told and never look into for themselves.
Jaida2008-03-04 22:34:47
You're welcome. :D
Charis2008-03-18 10:42:03
thank you for posting this powerful song
Adaminna2008-08-14 04:47:37
The name that escaped him was. . . MONSANTO CORPORATION!!! Those lovely gents who brought us Agent Orange, Round-Up, and Aspartame, among other things! Do yourself a favor and check out MONSANTO. Think about how you spend your money and that the products that you buy allow certain corporations to continue their agendas.
Gay2008-09-18 23:07:33
corporations cause cancer and keep the cures from the public knowledge. no monies in a healthy person. they dont tell you it is a fungus. benzine in soda arsenic in water radon and diesel fuel which sch. buses run on without seat belts. sch.'s built on toxic waste dump sites. to poison us. science means study of, only. GM monsantos food, poison and keeps genectically altering after consumption.
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