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Spouse visits the world bank   By Artist: Spouse
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Spouse - Relocation tactics - Spouse visits the world bank - Free MP3 Ringtone

Alena2008-02-03 18:15:57
the IMF keep third world nations energy sources could be one key.
Hugo2008-02-16 09:43:06
The World Bank = Leeches - Its time to get the exterminator.
Karen2008-02-27 20:16:01
ya but remember in history JP Morgan shut down Nikola Tesla for trying to provide infinite electricity for the world which would mean no more income for electric companies. They want us to remain dependent; they don't want innocent good people like us being happy with our independent sources of fuel, energy, etc. What if they taxed us on oxygen lol? that would be just like buying water as we do despite it being so abundant. The income tax is like the rich man coming to your door, taking $FROMdad
Aimey2008-03-15 17:58:33
ron paul the best GOD BLESS HIM
Alexandro2008-06-03 20:03:16
quite right, the important point is, tesla technology exists and is plausible. as daniel estulin says, wars are largely dependent on energy/oil, as is the value of money, as is the monopoly mens monopoly. but free energy removes us from the military industrial complex entirely. estulin argues that changing the system from the inside ISNT a plausible task. one iv not heard before, seemingly illogical, but perhaps he has a point, then, free energy would seem to be a lever, for whoever can get it.
Reba2008-06-11 06:39:52
wake the fuck up u american assholes!!its your fucking country thats responsible for all these bullshit!!
Jo2008-07-27 16:28:54
I recommend the book "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man," by author John Perkins, for those looking to obtain more information on how corporations and the World Bank are working together to create a Global Empire. It is simply a masterpiece! I'm sure Ron Paul has already read it.
Julie2008-08-04 17:47:07
F**k the World Bank.
Ethen2008-08-05 02:55:33
Loans are granted to Pakistan but are not monitored/audited to see the completion of the project they are sanctioned for. Pakistani ruling class & govt departments eventually eat up the entire sum. Are these loans granted to promote hypocrisy, gradually leading to fake inflation, injustice & poverty? The end result nowadays is reaction in the form of suicide bombing & destruction due to the problems mentioned. Kalabagh Dam & many projects are just a dream due to this attitude of
Lamont2008-12-04 17:59:00
so essentially what you're saying is, if the government doesn't help starving children in africa, then you're not going to either? If you aren't taxed to pay for these ineffective pet projects all the time, you could donate the money to charity yourself, I think governments do such a piss poor job of it, it should be left to the private sector which is much more effective at directing wealth to those who need it most.
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