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Youre a big girl now   By Artist: Bob dylan
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Bob dylan - Biograph cd 2 - Youre a big girl now - Free MP3 Ringtone

Kelleigh2008-02-05 11:34:17
Has got to be my favorite Dylan song... I have many but this one has got to be #1. Brings back memories.... still hurts to think about "with a pain that stops and starts"....
Jai2008-02-08 00:02:51
lyrical genius. this will always be one of my personal fave dylan tunes. simply amazing. :')
Augustin2008-03-15 17:58:42
Washington2008-05-07 00:59:00
"Time is a jet plane, it moves too fastOh, but what a shame if all we've shared can't last" - Brilliant. For some reason, this simple but genius line really touches me and I think it really catches that sad feeling of everything having to come to an end.. Dylan's sensitive yet rough voice makes it even better. Love this song!
Calanthia2008-06-02 17:47:42
"I'm going out of my mind, oh... with a pain that stops and starts, like a corkscrew to my heart, ever since we've been apart." - fucking brilliant
Alfonso2008-06-23 01:09:20
"a change in the weather isto extreame".....I Love the dew drops on the blzdes of my eyes...,..thanks bob
Murdo2008-08-15 19:50:39
Not his best but my favorite Dylan song. The way he sings at the end makes me feel like he ran out of words to say and played the harmonica as a verse. It's haunting and awesome and brings me to tears if i listen to it drunk.
Kendall2008-10-28 20:34:31
this song is off the charts. i actually feel sorry for those who aren't dylan fans.
Wilkie2008-11-09 10:11:01
Yes, there are people who refuse to see his greatness. Poor sods! How fucking right you are...Never mind, though. Wouldn´t it be boring to live in a world full of Dylan appreciators?
Peony2008-11-28 17:15:08
Not only a voice, a vibration and thrill: a song that makes me drink and draw, smoke and drift or simply cry.
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