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Shinobi original mix   By Artist: U s f
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U s f - The shinobi ep vinyl - Shinobi original mix - Free MP3 Ringtone

Toya2008-01-07 09:47:58
LOL sry 4 putting 2 times the same comment my computer was acting weird O_o so i put it again
Shelley2008-02-07 05:41:31
i would work 4 bethesda making rpg like the elder scrolls, anyway nice vid 5/5
Stewart2008-03-01 04:38:15
i would work for nintendo so i can make soma mature games for them lol and meet miyamoto
Serenity2008-07-06 03:45:08
i would work for nintendo and make a fps not fpa, but a fps. that would be very intersting.
Jerome2008-07-12 05:37:13
just wondering if PS3 UT and PC of UT will be able to play on same server?
Aiden2008-07-20 17:10:31
u should keep ur xbox its a great system =D
Jaylin2008-08-20 10:47:25
anime kids exactly rite
Jalen2008-08-27 00:38:06
i would prefer to work in bethesda to make rpg like the elder scrollsnice vid
Amara2008-08-30 01:09:46
ff13 and versus have absolutely NO relation to previous FF games.they all have different stories, different characters, different scenery, just a total change in every piece of content in the game, including story.
Aldin2008-09-30 10:15:33
Final fantasy is fucking awesome so i dnt know y u wont play them...they all hav differnt storylines
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