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Whisper   By Artist: Evanescence
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Evanescence - Fallen - Whisper - Free MP3 Ringtone

Abegail2014-09-27 16:18:10
Writer of this blog...I don't understand elatcxy what's going on - you tickled my funny bone so bad I had to review my day to make sure I wasn't drunk. I am literally laughing out loud at my computer because of your posts! Laughing out loud. By myself. Home alone. Laughing at a computer. Over Twilight jokes. I swear to god you're REALLY REALLY GOOD! :-DAnd really observant on a lot of subjects, too. A lot of people say that the Twilight Saga is influenced by Stephanie Meyers' mormonism because of the abstinance... but I found the obsession with child bearing, and the whole metaphor of marriage and how miserable it really is (and how damaging sex is)... very disturbing. Stephanie obviously had a subliminal message there, whether she did that consciously or subconsciously.
Mustafa2014-09-29 23:10:35
Oh, this makes me want to actually read the books, just to mock them! You have no idea how pfiuanl it is to still be in school when Twilight is everyone's idea of great literature. I can't get through one day without overhearing someone squeeing over sparkly vampires."I was [trying to hum] the wedding march, but it sort of sounded like a dirge._ I usually slip into the Darth Vader theme by accident, myself." Oh my God I love you! Haha, I thought I was the only one!
Melanie2014-09-30 04:46:13
Oh my gosh, you've seen Passions? That show is like the campiest worst and best soap opera ever! When they left for Direct TV and put ads for the show lavieng for Direct TV STRAIGHT INTO THE SCRIPT, I was both horrified and laughing to death! I know this has nothing to do with most of what you wrote here, though. ^_^; Just looking at the "this is better than Passions!" comment.
Miguel2014-09-30 08:08:41
"Bella thinks of Jacob as soeonme she could have been perfectly happy loving in "real life," but Edward's her fairy-tale love, and so of course that trumps real life."ARGH NO. Really? Goddamnit!...Actually, come to think of it, I feel strangely validated in my life decisions by having Bella Swan disagree with them. [url=]lmtpwurkvp[/url] [link=]lfkgaovtu[/link]
Paula2014-10-03 03:29:25
, Robert Pattinson is the best, because he hates tiiwlght and only a few seem to realise this loooolthe rest are blinded by the fangirl!love and his sparkly, 'scintillating' arms ha ha ha can I friend you? I'd love to read this on a daily basis :D [url=]krkeyej[/url] [link=]cnuboidaupy[/link]
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