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Small axe   By Artist: Bob marley
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Bob marley - 400 years - Small axe - Free MP3 Ringtone

Bronte2008-01-06 13:30:03
alugal4,can you cut a big tree using a small axe,yes you can,but it will take ages to fall on the ground.the song says,we need to be powerful to tackle any issues facing us these days,so we're weak,we cant,untill we have big axe.axe is the tool,you use to cut wooden objects.
Yashmine2008-01-20 07:02:17
Who so ever diggeth a pitt shall fall in it! I LUV ROOTS ROCK REGGAE FOR LIFE!!!!
Katelin2008-02-15 13:52:06
"Small axe" es "la hacha pequena"
Richelle2008-03-23 16:18:41
naaaa no me digai!!! puta obvio q smll axe es pegueña acha y ademas acha es sin ache aweonaoooooooooo
Heather2008-04-12 04:35:07
One of my favourite Bob & The Wailers songs, always picks you up and inspires. Love the Family Man also (just thought I'd add that bit)
Merle2008-04-21 18:12:41
although i am not certain, but i think he means the small axe ( the people and victims of the system ) and the big tree, the system and the government, and he's saying, the people are ready to cut you down.( bassicly cut down the system )
Porter2008-05-10 05:09:19
Ya mon, Love and inity. One Love, Jah love. Jah praise.
Marco2008-05-17 20:17:49
the verses of this song is qouted in the bible, The old testament Psalm verses 5:5. RIP Bob. im on da mellow mood right now.
Delphine2008-10-10 20:18:38
It's funny you know, I'm in the military. I don't smoke drugs or drink or anything and I'm white. But I love listening to this music. Is that a parodox or what? lol
Ida2008-12-07 06:51:35
doblar el espinazo capullo
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